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Little Schoolhouse in the Woods

Available October 2022


Little Schoolhouse in the Woods

Little Schoolhouse in the Woods is a place where readers celebrate others and are reminded that their uniqueness is their strength.

An endearing schoolhouse tucked into an old oak tree is where you will meet Ms. Hawks. A teacher who sets out to ensure that all of her students find their special talents that, when recognized and shared, make the world a better place. 

Meet Ms. Hawk's Students



Best friend: Beaver and Fox

I love: riding his dirt bike, skateboarding, playing sports, building anything

I am: adventurous, kind, fast, creative, daring, caring



Best friend: Fox

I love: playing sports, playing the tuba, building forts, eating honey

I am: tough, creative, competitive, sensitive



Best friend: Rabbit and Bear

I love: reading, writing plays, making crafts, skipping, dreaming

I am: quiet, shy, loves school. proud, rule follower



Best friend: Rabbit and Bear

I love: riding his bike, playing tag, drawing pictures, playing the guitar

I am: smart, athletic, sneaky, creative, aloof 



Best friend: Fox and Mouse

I love: roller skating, playing tag, doing science projects, dancing

I am: leader, funny, kind, friendly, tidy, pleaser



Best friend: Squirrel and Rabbit

I love: building forts, making friend, playing sports, chocolate shakes

I am: funny, kind, honest, creative, easy going

 Meet the Author


Educator, Writer & Author

As a mother, a teacher, and an educator advisor, Kellie Bahri's main goal is for students to find a connected place within the classroom environment to help them embrace, and shine their true, unique light. 

She wrote this series stemming from her own child's experience in the classroom. By creating Little Schoolhouse in the Woods, she was able to show him that what he once thought were struggles were actually his biggest strengths

Kellie Bahri's hope is to show other children that they too hold special strengths.

A Word From the Author

Every child deserves to be seen, heard, and accepted.

Kellie Bahri

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