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One Little Word

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

It seems to be customary to start the new year out by choosing one word to focus on for the upcoming year. A word that will help keep you grounded in self-improvement. A word that will be your focus for 365 days. A word that will help you fill an area of need, whether that be a self goal or hope for the world. There are thousands of words to choose from so, narrowing it down to one takes time and reflection. Reflecting on where you were last year and where you want to be this year.

This one word tells your story.

For some, 2021 will be a time to reflect and heal from the heartache of 2020. For others, it will be a year to break free from fear and begin taking more risks. No matter our story, the one word we choose ultimately shines light on where we are in our personal journey of growth and our hope for the future. It’s the stepping stone of the path we want to continue on.

Beyond reflecting on your life to choose the “perfect” word, there is yet another customary event and it’s sharing your #OneWord2021 on social media for all to see. To do this takes bravery and vulnerability. You open yourself up for others to see your story, your goals, your hopes. It’s also a moment to let everything go and walk proudly into the new year holding your word, your story, and know you are the creator and writer of your life.

I walk proudly into 2021 holding two words. I forgot to mention that there are no real rules for this and one word just didn’t seem to be enough for me this year. I cradle in my hands the words Dance and Declare.

I will dance this year! I will step out on the dance floor of life and dance. Even when I am faced with self-doubt and uncomfortableness tries to wrap itself around me, I will dance and not worry about what others may think or say. It is in this freedom that I will be able to declare my thoughts, ideas, and creation of content to hopefully help others do the same.

Happy New Year and Happy #OneWord2021!

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